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September 28 - 29. 2018

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Competitions and Challenges

Board Breaking Challenge


Board Breaking Challenge is open to all Competitors.  

The Challenge consist of 5 breaks.

Competitors will be given 1 attempt to break each station, and after the attempts are complete the competitor will be scored or graded upon the number of successful breaks.  Competitor will be allowed 1 retry in order to better their medal results. (max. of 6 total attempts for the 5 breaks stations)  

Weapons Competions


Weapon forms may be Traditional or Creative in style.

Weapons Divisions:  

  • BEGINNER:  any competitor with weapon training for 1 year or less.  
  • INTERMEDIATE: any competitor with weapon training 1-2 years.  
  • ADVANCED: any competitor with weapon training for more than 2 years. 

Free Design Competion

Free Design Forms are original in make-up and  judged on the following criteria: 

  • Use of Time: 
  • Difficulty  
  • Originality
  • Presentation 
  • Practical application 
  • Stances, timing and rhythm 
  • Transition of techniques

Traditional Form Competition

The criteria to consider when judging Traditional forms include: 

  • focus
  • stances 
  • power 
  • timing 
  • tempo
  • line of movement 

This criteria is important to the artistic expression of the form and will be considered when awarding a score. 

Combination / Point Sparring

 Combinations -  Competitors are judged on accuracy of technique, timing, and focus.
Point Sparring - Points are only awarded for clean technique. 

  • Green, Purple, and Blue belts can score points if their techniques are two to three inches from the target area. 
  • Brown belts and above must make controlled contact to score points.